Inside the Testnet Version of Paw Prints, a Cause Focused NFT Market Place From Nekoin

I jumped at the chance to help a new project and experience testnet.

Prior to this, I’d heard of testnet but never interacted with it in any way. Fortunately, it was easier than I thought it would be and actually quite fun.

Now the real fun begins, playing with kittens!

I became interested in Nekoin and their Paw Prints NFT market place because of their commitment to supporting nonprofits. Causes helping cats, dogs, other animals, and the environment are extremely valuable to me.

  • Paw Prints is easy to use, fast, and responsive. Even on testnet, I was buying and selling in minutes. The hardest part was choosing a cat.
  • Creators and causes continue to earn. The payment structure ensures the artist and the nonprofit benefit from any future sales.
Screenshot from the testnet version of Paw Prints



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Jennifer Keene

Jennifer Keene


I write short fun pieces that people actually have time to read. Topics Include: Algorand, Crypto, Travel, Fiction. I am a childfree, vegan, digital nomad.