Earth Date: Irrelevant

Scout’s Log: 1.001

Twitter is the one place I’ve found in all of the galaxy where you can write true things that people will fervently believe are false, and false things that people will swear to their last dying breath are true.

Scout’s Log: 1.002

Warning: This might get nerdy.

Scout’s Log: 1.003 — Earth Date: Irrelevant

What does it mean to be a pet cat on Earth?

  • Drink the drip from the kitchen faucet if left ever so slightly on
  • Lick the drops of water accumulated on the floor and walls after a shower
  • For some incomprehensible reason (and I’ve specifically asked this question to at least 6 cats), only wants to drink water from the plastic lid of a long ago used up container or human hair mousse while on the counter in an upstairs bathroom…

Scout’s Log: 1.004 — Earth Date: Irrelevant

For the record, nearly every cat we’ve surveyed is satisfied with the arrangement they have with humans, to the extent that they understand it.

Should cats be liberated from humans?

After much consideration, the general consensus and fear was that before long, we’d be the ones offering multiple dinner options only to be snubbed. Or that, like humans, we’d become mildly obsessed with creating an optimal environment for each individual to urinate and defecate, lest they start peeing on our belongings in protest.

Scout’s Log: 1.005 — Earth Date: Irrelevant

Is it weird to walk around knowing that to humans, I look like cat? Yes.

The rebellious and chaotic nature of earth appealing to my hormonally charged state of mind during that period.

Human sci-fi in books, movies, and television connected to and seemed to understand my emotions better than anyone around me, especially my parents, siblings, or teachers.

Scout’s Log: 1.006 — Earth Date: Irrelevant

How rude of me.


Everyone looked at the screen, looked at me, did a double take, and then joined Squid in howling with laughter.

Scout’s Log: 1.007 — Earth Date: Irrelevant

I knew there was something special about the human who called me Neelix, too.

Or maybe it was just the drugs talking.

I’ll back up.

I’m so glad that humans have SciFi because without the fiction, they wouldn’t understand the science at all.

Beyond Roswell, there’s also a wealth other connections to space and interstellar communications:

  • The Very Large Array, home to 27 gigantic radio antennas (often featured in movies about contact with space).
  • Spaceport America, the would be (and who knows, maybe future) home of space tourism.
  • The Trinity Site (along with White Sands Missile Range).
  • Los Alamos, which again, I shouldn’t even mention thanks to the Manhattan Project.
  • Space Caves, observatories, and so much more.

Plus, I developed a taste for Hatch chiles.

Where was I?



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Jennifer Keene

Jennifer Keene


I write short fun pieces that people actually have time to read. Topics Include: Algorand, Crypto, Travel, Fiction. I am a childfree, vegan, digital nomad.