ABQ Vegan Chef Challenge: July 28–30

Clown Dog Hot Dog Parlor

The list of possible toppings at this place in UNREAL. Some of them are quite possibly a crime against humanity. Lol. I’m generally impressed if I can get a proper vegan Chicago dog somewhere, but they have tons of options here.

Food Fight Vegan Popup

This was an extra special thing that just happened to take place during the vegan chef challenge. It was a great way to visit multiple restaurants in one location. Ruby Red’s and DD’s Babycakes had been advertised as being at the event, so I didn’t prioritize finding them elsewhere, but then they didn’t end up being there. Some other time!

Tia Mom’s Cocina

This was my very first stop at Food Fight and I grabbed the White Chocolate Macadamia cookies to take home. They were delicious, especially with caramel oat ice cream and Grape Nuts!


These guys are hard to find and don’t seem to have any social media or website that I could find, so I was super glad that they were at Food Fight. We had both kinds of tacos that they offered and both were delicious. Chorizo on blue corn and chicharrones on flour.

Fram’s Desserts

Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch Cake Cup. This was UH-mazing!! I will be following them and trying to go back as soon as passible.

Churro Bar

Delicious trio of churros.

Ordinarily Beautiful Cotton Candy

This cart was SO MUCH FUN. This was a SMALL sized order that doubled as a parasol. I chose pineapple, but they had dozens of flavors. If you see this cart — go for it!

Project Pollo

Project Pollo and I go way back to when their very first truck opened in San Antonio in October of 2020. We have visited them many times since then and typically stay nearby when we are in town. It was awesome to see them here in Albuquerque and their popcorn chickn was as delicious as ever!

Vegan Chef Challenge:

  • Lucky Goose ✅(Thai Tea Oat Shake)
  • RubyReds Vegan ❌
  • Vegos ✅ (A-Beet-Q Burger)
  • Tia Mom’s Cocina ✅ (While Chocolate Macadamia Cookie)
  • VeganVato ✅ ✅ (Special Torta, Hella Good Tacos, Elote Tostadas, Taquitos)
  • Rush Of Prana ✅ (Acai Bowl)
  • El Veganito ✅ (Stopped By, Too Hot Out)
  • CZV ✅ (Two Tacos)
  • Annapurna’s ✅ (Mumbai Frankie and Thali Plate)
  • The Acre ✅ (Chilaquiles)
  • Mata G ✅ (Grab & Go Salad)
  • Trail Rider Pizza ✅ (Pizza)
  • Holmes Pizza & Arcade ✅ (Pizza)
  • M’tucci’s Bar Roma ❌
  • Leona Banh Mi ✅✅✅ (Crab Won Tons, Summer Rolls, Bai, Bahn Mi, Bubble Tea)
  • El Cotorro ✅ (4 different tacos)
  • ClownDog Hot Dog Parlor ✅ (Vegan Special)
  • Kickstand Cafe ✅ (Sad Tacos Because Cake Sold Out)
  • Hollow Spirits Distillery ✅ (Mushroom Bowl)
  • Burrito Baby ✅ (Bowl)
  • El Mariachi Authentic Mexican ✅ (Calabacitas Flautas)
  • Soo Bak Seoul Bowl ✅ (Vegan Veggie Bowl)
  • Hummus King & Lady Falafel ✅ (Hummus, Falafel, and Babaganouj plate)
  • Blue Door Patisserie ✅ (Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake)
  • El Káahal Nuestro ✅ (Chicken Taquitos)
  • DDs Babycakes ❌
  • ABQ Coffee ✅ (Iced Oat Latte and Panna Cotta)
  • Zia Bros Pizza ✅ (Cheezy Bread)
  • Tokyo Bankok ✅ (Orange Tofu, Fried, Rice, Sushi)
  • La Posada Dining Hall at UNM ❌
  • Flying Star ✅ (Double Chocolate Cake)
  • Cafe Nom Nom ✅ (Shanghai Noodles)
  • Los Ranchos Bakery ✅ (Blondie and Matcha Ice Cream)
  • Churro Bar ✅ (Churro Trio)
  • Ordinarily Beautiful Cotton Candy ✅ (Pineapple flavor)
  • Fram’s Desserts ✅ (Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch Cake Cup)
  • Project Pollo ✅ (Popcorn Chickn)



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Jennifer Keene

Jennifer Keene


I write short fun pieces that people actually have time to read. Topics Include: Algorand, Crypto, Travel, Fiction. I am a childfree, vegan, digital nomad.