ABQ Vegan Chef Challenge: July 14–15

El Mariachi

First things first, I love Cedar Crest. It reminds me of living in mountain towns in the PNW in the 90’s. We’ve been looking at houses out there and I was anxious to check out all the restaurants even before I heard about the Vegan Chef Challenge. Then, when I saw that El Mariachi was doing a vegan flouta special, I wanted to go there even more. We had a showing on Thursday and took extra time so that we could grab lunch.

El Mariachi Vegan Calabacitas Taquitos — Photo by Jennifer Keene

Tokyo Bangkok

The orange tofu at Tokyo Bangkok caught my eye and Asian takeout seemed like a perfect Friday treat while packing up and getting ready to move to our next Airbnb (on the West Side this time).

Orange Tofu — Photo by Jennifer Keene
Spicy Vegan Fried Rice — Photo by Jennifer Keene
Vegan Means No Egg — Photo by Jennifer Keene
Vegan Sushi — Photo by Jennifer Keene

Vegan Vato

Yes, I already went to Vegan Vato once this month, but they have such good specials, we were nearby, and we were hungry from house hunting. When I saw the Elote Tostadas, I know I needed them in my life.

Vegan Vato Elote Tostadas — Photo by Jennifer Keene
Vegan Vato Red Chile Taquitos — Photo by Jennifer Keene

Vegan Chef Challenge:

  • Lucky Goose ✅ (Went 2x right before July, I’m counting it)
  • RubyReds Vegan
  • Vegos ✅ (A-Beet-Q Burger)
  • Tia Mom’s Cocina
  • VeganVato ✅ ✅ (Special Torta, Hella Good Tacos, Elote Tostadas, Taquitos)
  • Rush Of Prana ✅ (Acai Bowl)
  • El Veganito ✅ (Stopped by, but had to pass because it was too hot out)
  • CZV
  • Annapurna’s
  • The Acre ✅
  • Mata G ✅ (Grab & go on 7/1 before they posted their specials)
  • Trail Rider Pizza ✅ (Went right before the challenge)
  • Holmes Pizza & Arcade ✅ (Went right before the challenge)
  • M’tucci’s Bar Roma
  • Leona Banh Mi ✅
  • El Cotorro ✅ (4 different tacos, including the Vegan Chef Challenge Special)
  • ClownDog Hotdogs Parlor
  • Kickstand Cafe ✅ (Went 7/3 and they were sold out)
  • Hollow Spirits Distillery
  • Burrito Baby ✅ (Went 7/4 and they hand’t started vegan specials yet)
  • El Mariachi Authentic Mexican ✅ (Calabacitas Flautas)
  • Soo Bak Seoul Bowl
  • Hummus King & Lady Falafel ✅ (Hummus, Falafel, and Babaganouj plate)
  • Blue Door Patisserie ✅ (Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake)
  • El Káahal Nuestro ✅ (Chicken Taquitos)
  • DDs Babycakes
  • ABQ Coffee
  • Zia Bros Pizza ✅ (Cheezy Bread)
  • Tokyo Bankok ✅
  • La Posada Dining Hall at UNM
  • Flying Star ✅ (Double Chocolate Cake)
  • Cafe Nom Nom ✅ (Shanghai Noodles)
  • Los Ranchos Bakery ✅ (Blondie and Matcha Ice Cream)



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Jennifer Keene

Jennifer Keene


I write short fun pieces that people actually have time to read. Topics Include: Algorand, Crypto, Travel, Fiction. I am a childfree, vegan, digital nomad.