4 Airbnb Stays That Were So Close to Being Awesome

“Garden” Apartment in Old Town Chicago

This is where I learned that, inexplicably, “garden” is a euphemism for basement, underground, or subterranean. It seems like a garden unit would a light, bright home suitable for growing plants. It is not.

Tiny Casita in Old Town Albuquerque

The interior decoration was exquisite, but there was a huge unused space in a back hallway and a strangely long and narrow bathroom. The walls of the bedroom did not go all the way to the ceiling, letting light and sound in.

Memphis See Through Shower and Safety Issues

The huge window inside the bathroom faced the back stairs was frosted, but not all the way to the edges, so you could clearly see people while showering — and they could see you! The door code contained the unit number, and the parking spot also listed the unit number, which would make it pretty easy for someone to break in.

Washington DC Studio Only One Key

We’ve gotten so spoiled by keypad entry system that having to share one physical key was a huge drag. While I was out during the day, my husband either couldn’t leave even to grab lunch or a coffee, or he’d keep the key and then have to come down and let me into the building. Usually during the daily late-summer thunder and rainstorm.



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Jennifer Keene

Jennifer Keene

I write short fun pieces that people actually have time to read. Topics Include: Algorand, Crypto, Travel, Fiction. I am a childfree, vegan, digital nomad.